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Give your Northampton business a website design service it deserves

Thanks to our in-house magic formula and suit of design tools, Merlin’s Web can design and build you a professional bespoke tailored website for your Northamptonshire business and at a greatly reduced cost.

A discount so legendary, even King Arthur would approve.

King Arthur approves Merlin's Web

"I royally do approve this!"

The average cost for a high end website designer can run somewhere in the region of £8,000 – £16,000, which is way out of the reach for most small businesses, especially when they are just starting out and may only have £1000 at best to spend on their business website.

This often leads to frustration for most small business owners who would love to start their new business with a bespoke website with all the trimmings and a good healthy 1st page rank in the search engines too, but sadly this is not the case for most small business owners who often find themselves looking for free alternatives.

Or even trying out those website builders heavily advertised on the T.V that frankly don’t yield the results they are looking for and do nothing to help the websites SEO (search engine optimisation) due to their software protections preventing the search engines taking an on-screen copy of the page to match it with the website keywords resulting in a poor rank in the SERPS (search engine results pages), this is bad news if you don’t want to pay for traffic to your website and want to be found easily in bing and google search for your business sector.

This is where Merlin's Web comes in with our magic formula

Thanks to our in-house magic formula and suit of design tools, Merlin’s Web can design and build you a professional bespoke tailored website for your Northamptonshire business and at a greatly reduced cost.

Merlin’s Web are much more than a traditional website design service, we’re a complete in-house solution for your Northampton small business web development and design needs and because we can provide Domains, SSL, Hosting, Website Design, SEO, Website Security and much more, we can craft for you a bespoke professional website without the high price tag.

Let us break this formula down so you can see how much money you will save with Merlin’s Web…

It all starts with a great UK domain name

You can register the perfect UK domain name with Merlin’s Web, or if you already have one you can use a domain reference that will point your domain to our servers. Alternatively you can transfer your UK domain to us for free.

Order your UK domain today starting from £8.99 a year
One years free SSL certificate for your website

Merlin’s Web are on a quest to help make the internet and your website a safer place, this is why we are offering all our customers free SSL for your website making it https in the address bar and letting your visitors know you are encrypted and secure, keeping you and your visitors safe.

This is a saving of £47.99 in the first year

Next comes our website design service

At this point you may be thinking, ok Merlin what’s this really going to cost me, it’s still got to be at least £3000?

Ok I’m guessing it’s got to be around a thousand pounds at least?

Merlin's Web price for you...

Only £369

Plus, we'll enchant your website to look great on any device

Wait, there's still more...

Anti virus and anti malware firewall software installed

Stop website hackers in their tracks, here at Merlin’s web we take website security very serious, therefore, we install a world leading antivirus program on your website so that it has round the clock protection from all what the modern internet can throw at it.

This is included free with your website
Built on our managed hosting platform

With unlimited space and bandwidth as standard, we’ll take care of software and security updates, request edits to your site anytime and we’ll take daily backups of your sites files and database. We take care of the techy stuff so you can focus on what you do best.

Our managed hosting platform is only £27 a month
Webmail server for your business

Nothing says professional business like an email sent from your own website – Here at merlin’s web we believe that having your own webmail is a crucial part of doing business online, with up to 100 mailboxes and free setup.

This is included free with your website
Add our SEO package to your website

Have your customers find your products and services when they search online. Our SEO package and ongoing SEO improvements to your website will have you seen in the search engines right where you need to be, there’s nothing like free traffic to your website.

Our SEO package is only £147

30 day money back guarantee